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  • Creative Expression

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    Creative expression, whether painting, journaling, or writing, is an important part of my life and my work. Whether you are already involved in creative activities or are ready to add creative expression to your personal toolbox, I can help you to overcome barriers and nurture your creative mind. Creative expression is particularly helpful for people as they heal from grief or trauma.

    I offer Individual or group workshops each providing an opportunity to speak with your visual voice. My virtual studio provides a safe place to practice listening to your inner voice and acting on it, making your intuitive thoughts and emotions visual by putting marks to surface, guided by gentle prompts, and following your intuition.

    Intuitive Flow

    This class invites you to be yourself and create in a safe space. Class begins with a hand massage and guided meditation followed by gentle prompts and suggestions for techniques to use while you create with materials your preferred media. You will go away from the class with some basic ideas for Intuitive Flow that can be carried over to any other creative practice you currently use as well as techniques for mixed-media work.  

    Art Journals

    Classes and email prompts are available to support art journaling. Art journals are visual diaries that provide a place to tap into your unique well of creative energy – to explore ideas, to capture memories, and to release emotions. Keeping an art journal for as little as an hour a week can increase self-awareness and ease stress by releasing internal chaos to the paper. Art journaling allows us to enjoy the process rather than stressing about the outcome of our creative work.

    Knitting and Fiber Arts

    Working with fiber is full of opportunities to create, relax, or share in community. Classes are available for learning how to knit or for enjoying knitting in community.

    Please get in touch for a class calendar or to schedule a private session..