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    Susan Barber Skinner

    I am a curious woman and lifelong learner.

    I hold a Ph.D. in health psychology, my primary research interest is sleep behavior. I have a master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling, with 15 years of clinical experience.

    I am a National Certified Counselor.

    My drive to learn is strong, I read scholarly literature, I conduct research, and I keep an eye on emerging practices. Together we can work to find what makes you hopeful, embrace that hope, and act on it in a way that fosters healing and growth. I am particularly interested in helping those who have issues with sleep, chronic pain, and anxiety.

    Using one’s hands to create is an important part of the work I do personally and professionally. I empower my clients by guiding them in creative expression exercises using their preferred medium but often starting with a simple pencil and paper.